Aug 24, 2011

Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger

Our Snapshot location is Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger! This Mother Road icon is a must-see (and must-eat) when you're in Miami, OK.

Located on Route 66, Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger is an original fast food drive-in chain from the 1960s and is the only location still standing. You can't miss the Ku-Ku birds greeting you at the drive-thru or on top of the building.

Austin and I can testify that everything is cooked to order and served up piping hot. From barbecue buffalo burgers and fries to onion petals and a pork tenderloin sandwich, we ate our way through their menu and it did not disappoint.

If you go, be sure and chat up the owner/operator Eugene Waylan. He's always there and I'm not kidding. The day we went he said he had a funeral to go to the next week so he was closing for a bit since he wouldn't be able to be in both places. He takes such pride in the restaurant's food and service that he personally oversees it's day-to-day operations. I saw him supervise the making of my delicious burger first-hand.

Another sign of a good dining spot is that locals love it as much as tourists. This was evident by the number of locals who recommended the place to us and were also eating there themselves.
I also love the unexpected details of Waylan's, such as this car parked out by the sign. It fits right in, don't you think?

On a related note, congratulations to Brandon Bowman our Oklahoma Dispatch Facebook Friend who posted the snapshot location and was randomly selected as the winner! We've got some Oklahoma goodies to send your way!

Aug 23, 2011

Snapshot: 8.23.11

The Green Buff has been busy traveling around the state and took a recent snapshot at one of his favorite places. To guess the location, just leave a comment on this blog or post on our Oklahoma Dispatch Facebook Page.

We'll gather the correct guesses and randomly select a winner tomorrow when we post the answer. We've got a t-shirt and trivia cards up for grabs so get guessing!

Aug 16, 2011

Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room

A former schoolhouse was repurposed into Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room just minutes from Broken Bow Lake.
Since I am a recent college grad, I am familiar with eating pizza. True to the stereotype, every college function and late-night “study” group I attended involved a cheap, ready-for-pick-up pizza that was worth the 5 dollars we paid for it. Now that I have left those days behind me, I am looking for restaurants to remind me that pizza can be an art form. Grateful Head Pizza and Tap Room in Hochatown is a place that is making the appreciation of that art much easier. It has everything I look for in a fun restaurant.

Eclectic interior? Check.

Welcoming vibe? Check.

Delicious food? CHECK.

Seriously, I dream about this pizza. It is fabulous. The first thing you’ll notice about the menu is the simplicity. The restaurant has two great passions: pizza and beer. And really, when you are spending the weekend at Broken Bow Lake, what more do you need?  The foundation of any pizza, the crust, is hand-made from a family recipe and delicately flavored with garlic, which just makes the flavor of the pizza explode.

My personal favorite (I am a major veggie lover) is the Tree Hugger. It has artichoke hearts, giant green olives and tomatoes, among other star vegetables. I purposefully order a bigger size just so I can take some home and have it for the next meal.

We did the best we could, but there was still a lot of pizza left over.
Of course, there are a ton of pies that appeal to meat lovers, and while I didn't sample any of the beer on tap at the restaurant, I was impressed that they carried Choc Beer from Krebs, Oklahoma. During the summer and holiday weekends, the outdoor patio space features live, local musicians. The best way to keep in touch with their schedule is by liking them on Facebook. If you are ever in the area, check it out!