Oct 13, 2010

The Plaza District

OKC's Plaza District
When we set out to create this blog we wanted to introduce you to places we know and love in our local neighborhoods, while also showing you new things we discover in our travels across the state. One place that immediately comes to mind for me when thinking about local personality is the Plaza District.

Located on NW 16th between Classen and Penn Ave. in Oklahoma City, this small commercial district sits right in the middle of a neighborhood brimming with creative energy. From art galleries to restaurants to retail shops featuring wares made by talented Oklahomans, the Plaza District has come a long way from its days of abandoned storefronts.

Last weekend the Plaza District hosted its annual festival and I was reminded once again how much I love this colorful part of OKC. The vibe of this community is evidence of the many artists that are staying in and moving to Oklahoma. Ten years ago this wasn't the case for most creative types, but I'm thrilled that this is changing and continues to evolve into a vibrant and thriving art scene.

I don't just mean galleries and music (although those things are good), but everything from cutting edge hair dressers to tattoo artist to t-shirt designers are contributing to Oklahoma's creative culture. The best part is these shop owners are so friendly and welcoming, it's easy to feel a part of the community.

My husband and I have enjoyed many art galleries and art openings, but it's always more meaningful and memorable when we get to meet the artist in person. This is a common occurrence at the Plaza District which makes me understand and appreciate their work on a deeper level.

I also love to support local designers whenever possible and the retailers along the Plaza District make it easy to find jewelry, apparel, housewares, even baby stuff all made by hand or by local Okies.
The Plaza District is perfect for cruisin'

Here's another great way to cruise this family-friendly strip
A caterer + event planner + photographer = 1708, a creative co-op

Collected Thread is always one of my weak spots, as is DNA Galleries

Check out the live mural painting going on during the festival. Very cool!

Looks like I'm not the only one that's impressed!
Didn't make it to the festival? Don't worry, just mark your calendar for LIVE on the Plaza which happens every second Friday of the month and features live music, film screenings, performing arts and more.
-- Lindsay

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