Jan 28, 2011

And This Week's Snapshot Answer is...

The Kenton Mercantile in Kenton, OK! Congratulations to the folks who answered correctly...

This little treasure located in the panhandle is just about as old timey and Americana as you can imagine (although they do have wifi!).

The info on Travelok.com says it all:

"The Kenton Mercantile, otherwise known as "The Merc," is one of the best little cafes and general stores in the Oklahoma panhandle. One of the last old, small-town general stores, the Kenton Mercantile serves as an anchor point for sightseeing around Kenton and Cimarron County. Stop at The Merc to stock up on food, refreshments and supplies for your trip and camping needs.

The Kenton Mercantile also serves as a small-town museum featuring dinosaur artifacts, unusual jar and bottle collections and the largest collection of dinosaur toys in the five state area. In addition, group tour services include self-tour information on local sites and a pre-arranged tour to historic Robbers Roost.

The Merc also offers homestyle cooking, postcards, souvenirs and "Kabins" for rent. Dine at the Kenton Mercantile and feast on hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili, stew and hand-cut french fries."


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