Feb 24, 2011

Ozzie's Diner

I hate to follow Jessica's post with her amazing pictures and tranquil retreat experience, but I've recently discovered a great breakfast spot that must be shared. Of course, I wasn't expecting to blog about it so I didn't take my camera and had to make do with my phone.

At any rate, I want to tell you about Ozzie's Diner. It's located in the Max Westheimer Airport Terminal in Norman and serves up all-you-can-eat breakfast. I'm not talking about a breakfast buffet. They actually make the breakfast when you order it and then keep coming back for more. The waitresses don't seem fazed by the throngs of people they've served in a single day and when they call you "hun" you immediately feel at home.

The place isn’t fancy, but the floor to ceiling windows provide a great view of both parked planes and the runway, making for fun entertainment while filling up on comfort food. It was especially a hit with Grayson, who was enthralled with the airplanes and also ate a plate of pancakes faster than humanly possible for a two-year-old.

If breakfast isn't your thing, Ozzie's does have a full menu but I honestly can't tell you what is on it since I've only ever had their breakfast.

The Max Westheimer Airport Terminal in Norman

Looking into Ozzie's Diner from the terminal foyer

These are the selections you can choose from for the all-you-can-eat breakfast

I think someone is a little excited for his pancakes

Mike's first round: biscuits and gravy with bacon and hash browns. A solid choice.

My first round: eggs over easy (mmmm) with bacon and hash browns

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  1. We should meet you guys there sometime and let Benny and Grayson see the planes.