Jul 25, 2011

The CCC: Day 3, Part 2

After recovering from our Meersburger food coma, Jessica and I stuck to the two-lane roads and continued to our last stop: the Chickasaw Cultural Center (CCC) in Sulphur. The CCC is one of our Encouraging Conservation in Oklahoma (ECO) certified properties, and I was excited to see how the facility looked in person since I had read so much about it. The CCC is the largest tribal cultural center in the United States, and the buildings are situated on 109 acres in the Chickasaw Nation. The CCC is adjacent to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and just minutes away from Turner Falls, so it is the perfect pit stop during a weekend of family fun if you want to take a break from the hot summer weather.
The amphitheater hosts lectures, plays, craft demonstrations and cultural ceremonies.
The vivid colors and sounds of the stomp dance give you a chance to experience a time-honored Chickasaw tradition.
From the Honor Garden to the Traditional Village, every space was constructed with an intention to both educate and preserve Chickasaw culture while honoring the history of the tribe.  Even with no previous knowledge of the Chickasaw nation’s history, I emerged from the experience with a respect for their past and an excitement for their future.
This traditional village just begs to be explored. 
A statue of an 18th Century Chickasaw warrior stands vigilantly in the center of the property.
Even after our three day experience, I still felt like there was so much more to explore. For me, that is when I know my road trip is successful. It leaves you ready to dive into your next adventure. I am already planning weekend trips back to Roman Nose, Medicine Park and Sulphur! 

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