Apr 19, 2011

Museum of Osteology

I've been working for the Tourism Department for quite a while now. I've spent this time meticulously combing over various maps, websites, travel brochures, promotional materials, and just about anything else you could imagine in an attempt to unearth all the cool stuff to do here. It's crazy that after all this time, I'm still discovering things I had no idea existed... sometimes right here in my own city!

That was the case last week when Lacey and I stumbled across the Museum of Osteology in OKC.

I had heard tales from friends about a store named Skulls Unlimited that sold human and animal bones, but never really thought much of it beyond its status as a morbid oddity. It wasn't until doing a little research for an unrelated project at work that I found out this place really does exist, and that it has a museum attached to it.

While I've been curious about the store for while, I always felt a little sheepish about window shopping for human skulls - luckily the museum offered a perfect excuse for me to indulge my curiosity without being judged by the types of people who find the viewing of human remains to be a little weird.

The museum is incredibly well put together, filled to the brim with creatures big and small. Placards help visitors contextualize the miraculous way in which our bones make us function, adapt, and evolve to our surroundings.

As a fairly literate guy, I was surprised to find how little I actually new about the inner construction of the animals we share this planet with.

How many gift shops do you know have this for sale?

The Museum of Osteology was unlike anything I'd ever seen in Oklahoma, and I am being completely honest when I say it made a lasting impression on me. For better or worse, one of those impressions involved an unshakable reminder of the fragility of my own existence.

Luckily there's a cure for having one's mortality prominently on display for an hour: comfort food!

Yes. Anyone who knows me in the slightest has an intimate understanding of my love for the Del Rancho Steak Sandwich Supreme.

For those of you not from here, Del Rancho is a legendary chain of burger joints who's existence is ingrained in the psyche of every true Oklahoman. Del Rancho has ran the same series of television ads since the seventies, and their signature dish, the steak sandwich supreme, should probably be considered for the official meal of Oklahoma.

Anyways, as luck would have it, there's a Del Rancho just a few miles away from the museum...

Greatest meal ever conceived.


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