May 25, 2011

Gloss Mountain State Park

Lacey and I took a trip to Gloss Mountain State Park a few weeks ago. I've been pretty tied up in the office and at home lately, so let me apologize upfront about how late this post is.

That said, Gloss Mountain is easily one of my most favorite spots to visit in the state. Located about two hours from Oklahoma City, a little north of the town of Fairview, Gloss Mountain holds its status as one of Oklahoma's most beautiful, yet most obscure parks.

I'm not exactly sure why more people don't know about this place. Granted this park doesn't offer camping, boating, fishing, cabins, or most of the other kinds of amenities associated with Oklahoma State Parks, but the scenery alone should make this a more sought after destination.

The sights and sounds of the area are pretty much right in line with what most people imagine the wild west to look like. Orange mesa cap the sky while the squawks of hawks and buzzards can be heard echoing down from the sky. The view from the top of Gloss Mountain is breathtaking, laying out miles and miles of prairie floor for as far as the eye can see.

It was pretty hot and sunny the day we visited. Absolutely no one else was at the park, which despite all my complaining above, made for a wonderful afternoon. The stillness of the day must have been hospitable for the local wildlife, because we saw a whole assortment of birds, lizards, deer, insects, and more just within the hour or two we spent walking around.

Like I mentioned earlier, you're not going to find too much in the way of camping and typical outdoor recreation at Gloss Mountain. It's really made more for an afternoon away from home. But trust me, in terms of scenery, and good ol' fashioned peace and quite, its second to none.



  1. Thanks for posting! I have never been and am trouble finding much information on the web. Do you know how long the hiking trails are?

  2. The Cathedral Mountain Trail is 1.2 miles in length from the shelter house at the base of the mountain to the fence line on the north end of the mesa and return.

    For more information, go to and under the "Tourism" tab click "Gloss Mountain State Park.