Jun 3, 2011

A Day at the Nest: Visiting Birdie

The brilliance and beauty behind Birdie is Katie Huskerson. Birdie and Katie are almost one in the same. When you walk into Birdie it is light and lovely, just like Katie. Katie’s kindness and creativity is in every part of her store. Pieces from flea markets that I would call garbage have been given a second life, restored and placed with care to showcase her beautiful bouquets of flowers and thoughtfully selected house wares. Katie is a florist and her approach is elegant yet fresh. Her commitment to sustainably grown and locally grown flowers means her arrangements feature wildflowers, Oklahoma flowers and color schemes that go beyond traditional arrangements.

Katie’s creativity as a florist spills over to Fin and Feather the clothing side of the store where she carries items for men and women. All items have been chosen with the same care she shows with the floral side of Birdie. The clothing items are either organic, hand-made, fair trade, recycled, natural or some combination of those five. For me, the phrase “green clothes” conjures up images of faux hippies at Bonnaroo or the Jesus rope sandals I had my freshman year of college. Really earthy, not necessarily really fashionable. But the jewelry, clothes and handbags Katie picks are modern and practical yet unique and stylish. She knows the stories behind the brands and has picked them with intention.

The word “boutique” gets thrown around about as much as the word “green” so to call Birdie a green boutique would be easy but somewhat of a disservice. Rather Birdie is a true local store meaning they know their suppliers, pick their products with care and build relationships with their consumers and their community. Stopping by Campus Corner in Norman and meeting Katie yourself is a must and I guarantee you will find something truly green and special.

You will also want to mark your calendar for August 27th for the Dustbowl Arts Market. Katie is one of the co-founders of this biannual event that sells art and handmade wares that will debunk your traditional notion of “craft show.” It is easy to buy local when the selection is this good.

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