Jun 27, 2011

The Green Buff Roams to Roman Nose: Day 1, Part 2

(If you missed the first part of the Green Buff's road trip through western Oklahoma, check it out here.)

The entrance to Roman Nose, with the park's namesake (Chief Roman Nose) in profile.
After Jessica and I left the Turtle Rock girls at Billings, it was a quick jaunt to Roman Nose State Park in Watonga. The lodge received a complete renovation in 2010, with the current style paying homage to the modern era in which the lodge was originally constructed. The natural materials of stone and wood bring warmth to each of the rooms, and the furnishings are made of sustainable sources that are made in the U.S.A. or in Oklahoma when possible.

Giant king-size bed? Yes, please.
Since it was my first visit to Roman Nose State Park, Jessica and I took a hiking trail to get a better view of what the park offers. The lake is the perfect size for swimming and boating, with paddle boats for those who want to move at a slower pace. If you want to camp outdoors, a giant teepee is available for a nightly fee. Tent and RV camping sites are also available.

Jessica brushed up on her Roman Nose wildlife knowledge, thanks to the trail-side signs.
(Side note: I’d never seen a teepee before this trip, and on our first day I saw two in different locations. They were almost identical. Now I just HAVE to camp in one.)

How could you not want to camp in one of these?
 Rather than roughing it, our rooms were comfortably furnished with a king size bed, a flat screen television and a spa-like shower. However, the outdoor patio may have been my favorite element of the lodge. The breathtaking view of the park makes it a perfect spot to enjoy dinner from the lodge’s Okie-inspired menu (which means that chicken fried steak is available, and they do it well). And Jessica and I were excited that the restaurant offers Oklahoma-brewed COOP beer to top off the meal. There is nothing better than enjoying a great brew and a great view at Roman Nose. Trust me on this one.

My favorite part of the lodge: the relaxing balcony overlooking the rest of the park. Lovely!

So with a belly full of good food and a mind tired in the way that you get tired on road trips, I hit the hay, ready for the next day’s adventure, which included peacocks, bison and prairie dogs. Stay tuned for Jessica’s take on the second day! 


  1. So, YOU'RE the reason we couldn't get a room booked at Roman Nose this weekend, eh? Ha. Just kidding. We're going to get there very soon - and it looks just beautiful.

    I'm writing to let you know that we've been checking out your blog and are liking what your team is doing. So much, that we've "approved" it with our team and we're adding you as one of our links on our front page: http://www.reddirtchronicles.com/

    Well, not "adDING," per se. We already "adDED." I was especially glad to see you cover Lunabread, and like the choices you're making for your posts. You are doing a great job and we appreciate you! Keep up the good work -

    All the very best,

    The writers and contributors of the Red Dirt Chronicles

  2. Thanks for the love! We are having fun exploring the state and especially keeping our eyes peeled for the best in sustainable and local offerings.