Jun 9, 2011

Homemade, Local and Did We Mention Downright Sinful?

When was the last time you ate at a restaurant that made their own butter? Or tasso? Or andouille sausage? My guess is most of us would answer, “Never.”

Well now you have the opportunity to change all that. Step into Lunabread, a sweetly cozy six-table eatery specializing in Cajun and Metro cuisine on 15th Street in Tulsa’s Cherry Street District. Everything on their menu is made-from-scratch with as many local ingredients as possible.

lunabread 5.14.11-011-5

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Lunabread’s eclectic atmosphere offers plenty of spots for relaxing with a good book and some of their doubleshot French Press Coffee, cream sodas or organic free-trade tea.

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Never underestimate the value of a comfortable chair beside a window in a room filled with light, art and a delicious fusion of aromas emanating from the kitchen. If the chair is colorful – even better.

lunabread 5.14.11-017-8

Mandatory for all great eateries – a nook with plenty of room for interesting things. Lunabread passes the category with flying colors.

lunabread 5.14.11-003-1

This is April, our very friendly and helpful waitress. She made sure we had everything we needed and patiently educated us about tasso, a spicy, peppery Cajun ham made right there at Lunabread. We didn’t taste it this go round but have added it as a must for our next Lunabread visit. Can’t wait!

And now for the main attraction … food!

lunabread 5.14.11-018-9

My friend Ron Ferrell, sculptor and prolific gardener from Jones, Okla., ordered the cornbeef and hash with crawfish. The beef was house cured and slowly stewed with organic potatoes, crawfish and topped with eggs over easy. Mouth watering yet?

lunabread 5.14.11-025-10

I ordered the crab cakes Benedict – poached eggs on top of ‘Nola style (a.k.a. New Orleans) crab cakes and sauce cherone. After chowing down on this, other eggs Benedict seem like pale blobs of pabulum.

lunabread 5.14.11-033-11

Ron digs in. Like me, he excels at eating and is a connoisseur of local Okie goodness. Ron is also an expert biscuit maker and had great appreciation for Lunabread’s homemade biscuits which were light and baked just right – slightly crunchy on the outside, flaky on the inside.

Paired with Lunabread’s homemade butter – well holy cow doesn’t even begin to describe it. Let’s just say any time you are within 200 miles of Tulsa, make nabbing homemade biscuits and butter at Lunabread a priority.

lunabread 5.14.11-039-13

Meet Chris Foster, Lunabread’s owner, baker and dessert maker. We loved Chris’ hat and serious passion for local food. He was born in New Orleans and together with his business partner, Paul Wilson, who lived and trained in New Orleans, they head up creating the good eats at Lunabread. That commitment to New Orleans jazzes the taste and style of much of the menu and kicked the dishes we feasted on into Cajun heaven. Delectably sinful!

Part of Lunabread’s secret is those local ingredients. There’s just no replicating the taste of fresh – and once your palette acquires that knowledge, you never want to go back. Just a few of Lunabread’s sources: The yogurt in Lunabread’s dishes is produced by Wagon Creek Creamery near Helena; wheat comes from John’s Farm & Cattle Tracks near Fairview; beef from Natural Farms in Tulsa. Chris buys his pigs whole from Pork & Greens near Broken Arrow and uses every part of the pig – that’s where the homemade tasso and andouille sausage come from.

lunabread 5.14.11-037-1

Ron and Chris discuss the finer points of biscuit making. My mouth was too full to add much to the conversation and I’m a biscuit-making novice anyway.

lunabread 5.14.11-014-1

The board shown here highlights some of what’s on the menu, which is small and changes often according to what is available from season to season. The day we visited some of the other luscious goodies we had a hankering to try but didn’t (we didn’t want to be gluttons) were housemade andouille sausage, white gravy and pork fat biscuits, and Southern eggs benedict – organic stone grits topped with a poached egg, sausage and gravy. If your mouth is not watering now, you likely no longer have a pulse. We were also sorely tempted by the desserts – white chocolate bread pudding with hard sauce, organic raspberry tart with peppercorn gelato, Belgian chocolate torte royale. See what I mean – more sin!

I glimpsed the biscuits and gravy from across the room on another customer’s plate and now I can’t get that vision out of my mind. With such a serious obsession, another Lunabread experience is at the top of my must-do list. This kind of “sinning” can’t happen too soon.

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  1. Wow! This looks like my kind of place. Can't wait to check it out next time I'm in Tulsa. That raspberry tart with peppercorn gelato sounds incredible.

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